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Call Public Market every weekday morning at 271-9354, 267-2124 or toll free 1-800-507-5569.


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Nothing illegal may be posted/advertised on Public Market

1)  There are no price limits on airing items on public market

2)  Firearms/alcohol cannot be put on air

3)  You may also post items to our Facebook page.

4)  Businesses may not use public market  to sell products unless they are a sponsor. 

5)  We ask that if our public market and party line users find out that a business is using the service to turn them in to us.

6)  Businesses caught using this program, that are not a sponsor, will be charged $200 dollars per occurrence.

7)  Businesses wishing to be a part of public market/partyline can call out business office at 514-267-2121 or visit our webpage and use the contact us tab.


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  • KJMX Public Market Call Log 10/02/15

    1                                  Yard sale Methodist Church on Frontage rd 8-2
    2       294-5190            Inquire about call Yesterday
    3       590-0986            Nikon camera $50 / motor
    4       551-1820            firewood myrtle, fir, alder $150-200
    5       294-9212            Hot wheels $40, 1974 Porche $40, cookbooks $2, Bissell carpet cleaner, mahjongg, VHS rewinder, jewelry, coffee machine $10, exercise bar, oil lamps $20 comic books
    6       404-7981            Vintage 1949 silvertone guitar sell or trade
    7       271-2311            pellet stove w/pipe $350
    8       999-8447            running boards for dodge w/brackets $200
    9       404-7209            logs cedar/fir make offer
    10     480-678-1460    subwoofers in boxes $1000/trade
    11     260-4007            needs help repairing Halloween decorations, selling shoes, trike, diaper genie, car seats, dressers, alum windows/screens, deep freezer
    12     297-6423            13' Pacific Mariner on trailer $1000 at Newmark & chester, power wheels quad $20, 16" truck tires on ford wheels, maytag fridge w/freezer, need inflatable pontoon boat
    13     991-1688            kitchen table/chair $40, maple bedroom set $300
    14     808-2371            needs home to rent for disabled woman and son and animal
    15     530-923-1394    boat 17' bay boat open hull on trailer reedsport
    16     499-2920            fuel transfer tank w/toolbox $280
    17     404-3259            need goosebump books, legos and pokemon